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Feb. 24th, 2011


(no subject)

Tired, but had the thought to poke my head in here and wave a very late Happy New Years to everyone in LJ.

Hope it's leaning toward the good times for everyone.

Aug. 12th, 2010


Oh life.

Wow, life gets distracting! That's...kinda feeling weird to admit. But 'tis good.

Good times in birthdays and fun family or friend-centric get-togethers. Need more poker and movie nights though. I haven't been to game group in a while >.> but it's there and pretty fun when it happens. Getting into creative moods and thinking I'll start writing more.

Bad times in developing migraines. Not so much for the pain of them, they aren't that painful usually, moreso for the neurological related effects to the rest of me...and having to get into a MRI machine to rule out other issues. Luckily? This may be tied into my current birth control- fun! On the plus side I've finally learned to take pills! (teeny tiny pills to be sure, but I did it!)

In a strangely good place at the moment though. Gonna try to hold on to these feelings.

Now if the humidity or the temperatures would go down just a bit. So gorgeous out yesterday but it was a lie! Stepped outside and felt oppressed! xD

May. 26th, 2010


(no subject)

I forgot to say Happy 25th!

You hoopy froods, you.

Mar. 5th, 2010


(no subject)

Okay, still have to do something about the consignment shop, gah- I also have to go through clothes again to see what more I can add what is already set aside to take along. Thought of more bigger items that need to stop taking up space here as well that should go. *note to update the list*

I am soooo close to being ready to post actual buyables in ze Etsy store space! So happy. Gotta do some responsible business-y stuff yet, but I actually know where to get the required paperwork for that now! Plus I have finished working out the kinks in my glove design, just need to do some finishing on the first pair, and have realized that yes indeed I can make a pair out of one ball of the yummy bamboo and silk yarn. <-- Made my day.

Somehow in my searching for information last night (business type info) I ended up on a website full of everything one needs to make soaps and lip balm/glosses. I've always wanted to be able to make lip balm stuffs for myself. Don't ask me why, I can't explain it anymore but since I was little I have been interested in it. I got ideas for soap sets from looking around, and now I sooooo want to put together some lip glosses. Wee girly feeling moments.

Lacking sleep quite badly this week. Gotten in some naps but it's still not quite enough to make things 'good'. Ah well, just gotta keep working through it. Plus I need to get some exercise structure into my days. >.> Haven't done so well with that.

Okay I was thinking of something else..oh! Right. I took some nice looking pictures yesterday which made me feel pretty awesome. Haven't done a lot of artsy picture taking lately and I got a couple shots that just felt really nice to me. (They are of a cat, what can I say?)

Feb. 24th, 2010



Put in a job application yesterday. Nothing fancy, just a discount department store place. Would probably be fun to be in there often, and getting to see what's new all the time would be nice. Hmm, probably counter productive in the long run though...oh well. (Happy Bunny towel robe things, if there's one there the next time I'm in I might have to have it)

Back in ze knitting groove today, so it's (hopefully) knitting curled up to whatever is on the Olympic line up this evening. I will get a listing into my Etsy shop yet, if not by the end of this month. >.<

Need to remember to call the consignment shop about bringing in items. Gah, it's going to snow again tonight. Well, I'll get out there again sometime.

Anything else? hmmm guess it's time to check more e-mail.


Just when did Peppridgefarm start making TimTams and selling them at my local Target store? Where was my memo for that? Ohmigosh, I almost died and took my father with me when we were out shopping for my mother's Valentine's gifts.

I'm still not sure I'm fully recovered from the shock of it.

Feb. 22nd, 2010


This makes so many things okay

Makes so much wonderful...and makes so many more problems!

Feb. 10th, 2010


(no subject)

OMG the snow.  It came back. It hadn't all melted yet and another storm came through. That doesn't happen so often 'round here that I can remember. I am knitting mittens and failing like you wouldn't believe. It's fun! (honest!)

Yay...shoveling snow tomorr- this morning! That'll be refreshing I am sure. Now I need to lay down and pass out for a bit first. I was silly and made an omelet late at night and now I'm all...not winding down. I'm stupid like that, but oooo I was hungries and the protein and veggies were gooood. 

After midnight means it is the 10th. It's a yay-day in my books, have fun!

Jan. 29th, 2010


(no subject)

BlahCollapse )

Better stuff:
Knitting with Bamboo and Silk yarn in a preeeettty orchid color. It feels so nice and I can't wait until I am done with the gloves I am making. Will have finished tweaking a pattern and working out yarn amounts and and..stuff. I will probably even actually use my Etsy account finally for them, even though I am going to be in love with them. Yes. Oh well. I will make more for me for the next cold season. Ugh it is chilly  lately. Makes for cuddling up with knitting nice though. Mmmhm

I think if my brother and I get out together this weekend I will have him go to Chipotle with me. He hasn't been yet last I knew and it would be a yummy lunch stop. Mm food... I think it's time to raid ze kitchen.

Be awesome

Jan. 25th, 2010


What was I doing?

Oh  yeah, got to knit. Annnd search for jewelry findings online for a bit that was it! 
Awesome, thank you rambly mind space for being so quick about getting that thought train back on track.

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